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In order to be able to offer our customers the best quality guarantees for our products, SODACO is equipped with advanced technology, it provides the machinery of the most prestigious brands in the market with 100% automatic processing and control by PLC.

It is noteworthy that since 2000 SODACO, has the most modern technology in evaporators of Rossi & Catelli brand : the VENUS evaporator.

With breakthrough technology, the VENUS evaporator manages to get the concentration of tomato without thermal damages, so that the final product has a higher level of quality in flavor and color.

We also have our own control and traceability laboratory of from the receiving phase until the finished product.


  • 3 Selection Lines
  • 3 COLD BREAK preheaters from Rossi & Catelli Company
  • 3 Rossi & Catelli  Colanders
  • 1 FBR Evaporator
  • 4 Filling machines, sealing machines

SODACO does a strict control in all the stages of production, from growing tomatoes in the fields until the final product.

Before the beginning of each season, the farmers selected by SODACO receive updated information on phytosanitary products.

During the campaign, the staff of the Department of Agriculture supervises the work of our farmers to stick to what is allowed by SODACO.

Few days before harvest, we take some samples of tomatoes at random from the fields to analyze possible pesticide residues.

All the tomato lots of our farmers are checked upon arrival at the factory to determine their quality. The lots that fail to pass the minimum quality criteria test are rejected.

Product traceability is fundamental in the process of production.